North Country Cancer Fund

   Cancer is continuing to evolve, so are the warriors who are fighting back. Every warrior deserves peace of mind, humility and to be able to focus on their fight. The necessities of life should not have to be burden, and for some, determine whether or not they seek treatment. The North Country Cancer Fund was founded in 2007. There are many who have lost loved ones, are survivors themselves and all members have a deep rooted passion toward the assistance provided.

    It all began with a golf tournament and good friends. There are now 2 golf tournaments, a bowl-a-thon, Naked Turtle Poker Run, Children's Day, the Celebration of Life Dinner, and many other numerous other charity events. In addition to, there is also a Facebook page. All of the members are volunteers so there are no administrative fees. We work with the community and all the funds stay within the community, to include Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties.

    Please feel free to look through our page to see our sponsors, photos from events information on upcoming events and our application. There is no donation too small and no gift turned away. We need creativity, ideas and participation from all of you.